Founding Leaders


Alain Champagne, Optimé International

“For me, helping Leucan is my way of helping families who are experiencing a hardship and investing in research. My kids are healthy, but I know all kids aren’t that lucky.”


Alain Arel, Uniprix et PROXIM

“My experience last year convinced me the price of my head was worth the difference we can all make together. This symbolic gesture is not only a way to show my affection for kids, but my solidarity towards the ones who fight with them or for them to keep them healthy.”


Manon Bergeron, Desjardins Caisse de la Rive-Nord du Saguenay

“When Leucan approached me to get involved for the cause of sick children, I could not refuse. Youth has always been a central concern for Desjardins and the actions to support our youth are a priority for our organisation.”


David Bowles, Table des collèges privés de la Montérégie

“I am very proud that Collège Charles-Lemoyne and Collège Trinité participated together in the Challenge. I had the chance to act as honorary president of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge in October of 2016 at Place Longueuil, and it is an honour to take part in such an event.”

Yvon Charest, iA Groupe financier

“Leucan not only plays a crucial role in helping to develop treatments for cancer-stricken children, but also supports their families. Thanks to Leucan, these families benefit from a vast range of services of support on a psychological, financial, educational and recreational level.”


Michel Dallaire, Cominar

“Cominar has been the host of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge for many years and this experience has sparked in me an extraordinary level of enthusiasm.”


Danielle Dionne, Extra multi-ressources

“After a year of consideration, I decided to take the leap into the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. I personally know children who have fought or are currently fighting cancer, so this cause is very close to my heart.”


Danny Dufour, Maxi Métal

“I have an immense respect for cancer-stricken children and their families who are demonstrating so much courage and resilience in this hardship. We say that “two heads are better than one” and it is true, but 50 or 100 heads are worth a lot more!”


Louis-Philippe LeBlanc-Boucher, formerly at Olivier Ford

“Olivier Ford is very happy to be involved in the cause. Thanks to all for your generosity!”


Renault Poliquin, CBC & Radio-Canada Solutions Média

“It is with great pride that I participated in the Leucan Leadership Challenge at Radio-Canada through the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge.”