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Corporate Challenge

It’s with great pride that I agreed to serve as honorary co-president of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, together with Mr. Yvon Charest.

Cominar hosted the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge for several years, and it was such an outstanding experience that it motivated me to get involved again in support of this event.

We all have people who are or were affected by cancer in our circles. Seeing a child fighting this disease is even more heartbreaking. To help them in their fight, Leucan provides tailored services to both children and their families, including emotional and physical support and financial assistance, in addition to funding research.

So, I will take a symbolic action that seems so little in comparison with the suffering of sick children, and I invite you to join us at the Videotron Centre on May 27.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Groupe Dallaire

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