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Corporate Challenge


I’m pleased to take part in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge again this year.

You certainly noticed the momentum gained by the Challenge over the last 17 years. Despite this progress, there is still room for new volunteers whom Leucan welcomes with open arms because the needs are so great.

Indeed, in addition to improving the care developed for cancer-stricken children, Leucan supports families in many ways, including psychological support, financial assistance, school support, and recreational activities. Childhood cancer is not only an emotional burden but also comes with time-consuming responsibilities for families. The more we help, and the more parents can devote their time and energy to supporting their child on the path to recovery. This is a simple equation for us, but a complex reality for families. Let’s help them!

Generosity is a renewable resource that grows with us. We can pride ourselves in our commitment to promote this cause above and beyond!

Yvon Charest, President and Chief Executive Officer, iA Financial Group


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